1. Part 2: The Sadness.

    So part 1 was anger. Now im alone and sad. Quoting “Red” Losing him was blue like i’ve never known, missing him was dark grey all alone..

    I have cried so many times because of you. You just cried yesterday night. I could have been more comforting. but i guess there was someone else to cheer you up already.

    You have always put on this “happy” face in front of me. but then you hint me being sad and lonely. so i try to keep you company or try to make you laugh. But all you do is “Hehhe” “Ohh i see” “Good lo”

    You are such a caring person. NOT.

    "Take care" "Bkful"

    Yeah. sure. You dont take care of me if im hurt. Im sick, just leave me alone. I dont get you.

    Part 2 over. I was sad..now im not.  


  2. Part 1: The Anger.

    You know what. I admit it. I havent got over you yet. NHWN. You gave me so much hope. You are always the popular one, who was i to even think that i deserved you. Not ready? I told you i would wait. But the way you treat me as if you dont want me to wait. Waiting is not easy. Waiting is worse when the person you are waiting for is not even making you feel that the person is worth the wait. 

    Busy, Busy, Busy.

    Tired, Tired, Tired.

    Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy.

    Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

    4 words i have heard you say for the past week. You know that it hurts me. To be at a distance from you. Not hearing from you. And yet you do this to me.

    Yes i understand and note that you are nearing the end of the semester, everything is getting busy. But why are you making time for others when you have “no time” for me. Its making me feel worthless. I haven been myself ever since i realized that all you ever did was to “chat” with me while “chatting” with 3-4 other people.

    Alot of people came up to me and told me about you. I didnt care. I trusted you. You said to choose what i believe in. I believed in you. I PUT 100% HEART AND TRUST into you. All i get? “En en” “Okay” “I see” “And then?”

    Slut, Bitch, player, whore, hoe, ugly, loser. All YOUR “friends” told me that you are this kind of person. I didnt care. I loved you. Thats all that mattered.


    You dont even wish me goodmorning anymore. No more goodnight. No more HI DARREN. No more skype.

    You seem happier without me now. And left me hanging without anything because all i had was you. I lost alot of my friends because they said not to trust you, but i did. You were all i had.

    You really want to lose me? Or you dont want me already?


  4. Morning!

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  6. My view on relationships.


    They’re overrated, will end sooner or later, and somehow, someway, the other person, if not you is always hurt.

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